We are combining two revolutionary new technologies (Periscope & Bitcoin) into a scavenger hunt.

How To Play

  1. Check out the list of challenges
  2. Periscope yourself achieving one or more of the challenge. Your Scope MUST have this title format to be valid "@ScopengerHunt #ScopengerHunt #ItemNumber @cryptiv @bradmantv ". The #ItemTag is the hashtag associated with the specific challenge. It MUST also appear on Twitter.com to time-stamp the submission.
  3. If you are one of first 5 contestant to complete the challenge, you will be sent the Bitcoin reward on Twitter (via Cryptiv.com) The List

The List Of Challenges

Item 1 - CLOSED - Scope Yourself Dancing To A Song From The 80s 4$

Item 2- CLOSED - Scope A Really Cute Puppy or Kitten 3$

Item 3- CLOSED - Scope A Yellow Car 4$

Item 4- Scope Yourself Hugging A Tree & Saying Nice Things About It 4$

Item 5- Scope Yourself Doing 20 Pushups 5$

Item 6- Scope Yourself making a sandwich 4$

Item 7- Scope Yourself Dumping Ice In your Pants 6$

Item 8- Scope A Pie In The Face 7$

Item 9- Scope Yourself Dancing by a Water Fountain 4$ +3$ if you get in the fountain

Item 10- Scope Yourself With a Costume Character 5$ 

Rules & Disclaimer

  1. Entries will be judged by Bradman & Cryptiv.
  2. Bradman & Cryptiv Inc. do not take any responsibility for injury or damages incurred while participating in this contest.
  3. Twitter's timestamp will be used to determine the order of entries.